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People Power Regenerates Bushland

Content provided by Sunshine Coast Council

Currimundi Catchment care Group is proud to have supported this wonderful community project. It goes to show how the community, council and community groups can work together to achieve great outcomes.

National Tree Day (NTD) was held in the Currimundi Catchment over a nine-year period from 2009 – 2017.   The site was originally chosen by Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) to increase the size of Bancroft’s Red Gum Environmental Reserve at Little Mountain, and to increase the food supply and habitat for native wildlife such as possums, squirrel gliders, and a multitude of insect and bird species, who live in the reserve.  The plan was to find an area that could be used as a National Tree Day site for a five-year period, but the site continued to grow each year and overtook those expectations.

Approximately 1,500 – 2,000 plants were at each NTD which resulted in 15 – 18,000 native plants being planted by volunteers in the community over that nine-year period.  All holes were pre-dug to make it as easy as possible for those doing the planting.  Weed mats were put around each plant, and they were given a good water as well.

All sites are typically wet areas and plant species were chosen accordingly to cope with the conditions.  The dominant species planted throughout the site was Melaleuca quinquenervia (Paper bark tree).  The flowers on this tree are a rich source of nectar for fruit bats and the scaly breasted lorikeet.  Other animals such as the grey headed flying fox and little red flying fox also feed on the flowers.

A large range of other native plant species were also planted.  The first area to be planted was directly adjacent to the reserve, and adjacent blocks were planted after that.  Some of the trees that were planted in the early days look like they have been there forever now.  SCC was planning on having the 2018 event in the area adjacent to the 2017 site but as the area was naturally regenerating it was decided there was no need to do additional planting.

The Lions Club of Caloundra have been very supportive of the event and have kindly cooked a bbq for the hungry volunteers every year.  Currimundi Catchment Care Group coordinated sign-on of volunteers.  Entertainment was provided over the years such as face painting, music, and Geckoes Wildlife did wildlife presentations to show volunteers what animals live in the reserve.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who has been involved in the event.

Aerial photo of area. before revegetation
Aerial photo showing plantings by year.
National Tree Day plantings by year
Aerial photo of re-vegetated area.