About Us

Image of Currimundi Lake
Image of Currimundi Creek North Arm
Image of working bee group posed with bags of weeds
Image of tree planting froup
Image ofCCCG clean up event at Stockyard Park, Little Mountain
Coir log wall building 2
Caring for our Catchment

Currimundi Lake

Caring for our Catchment

Currimundi Creek

Working Bees

Removing invasive weeds and garden escapees allows natives to thrive.

Tree Planting

Planting native trees and shrubs.
Food and habitat for birds and wildlife.
Oxygen for our plant.

Clean Up Australia Day
Leacys walk – by the creek
Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival
Guided Walk
Leacys Bushland Reserve
Special Projects

Currimundi Lake Bank stabilisation
Noel Burns Park
Coir log walls

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Currimundi Catchment Care Group Inc is a volunteer community organisation on the Sunshine Coast caring for the region surrounding Lake Currimundi, Currimundi Creek (north and south arm), Lake Kawana and associated canals.

Our objectives are to Improve water quality. Limit erosion and improve the environment.

We are a Bushcare Community Group with Sunshine Coast Council.

We aim to:

  • Stabilize Banks and Prevent Erosion
  • Monitor Water Quality
  • Clean Up the Waterways and Surrounds
  • Plant Appropriate Vegetation
  • Clear Inappropriate Vegetation
  • Educate Community and Visitors
  • Prevent Negative Development Actions

We work with:

  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Friends of Currimundi Lake
  • Wildlife Preservation Society
  • Sunshine Coast Environment Council
  • Parklands Community Group
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Maroochy Waterwatch and Landcare
  • Kawana Forest Residents Association
  • Local Schools and Community Groups


New members are always welcome and encouraged to participate in any of our activities. Membership is free on attendance at any meeting or activity. Members become eligible for voting after attending three meetings.

Our Activities

We are a very diverse and active group. We have removed weeds and planted thousands of plants in the parks and bushland bordering the waterways, collected tonnes of rubbish, stenciled litter awareness messages on hundreds of stormwater drains, delivered thousands of newsletters four times a year to a growing urban sprawl, distributed thousands of butt bins, addressed school groups on local environmental issues, conducted tours of an important rainforest stand and maintained a monthly water-monitoring roster at twenty sites along the waterways .

Educating the Community

We aim to educate and sensitize our local community to the need to protect and improve the natural ecological systems in this beautiful area which is increasingly under pressure of extensive urban development, canal development, business centralisation and main road construction – most of which requires destruction of open fields, wallum bush, natural wetlands and remnant vegetation of the catchment, pervasive disturbance of the natural water routes, and the loss of native wildlife.


Currimundi Catchment Care Group Inc. began as Friends of Currimundi Lake North West which formed in 2001 after Councillor Elaine Darling called a meeting for local residents interested in improving the environment of suburbs north of Currimundi Lake and those west of the Nicklin Way. The group was concerned about bank erosion, siltation and water quality of Currimundi Lake and its connecting system of creeks and canals, and preserving the natural features of fauna and flora.

In 2002, the group changed its name to Currimundi Catchment Community Care Group to reflect its expanded focus on the wider catchment, but later shortened the name to Currimundi Catchment Care Group. In 2005, the group became incorporated.

While working with Sunshine Coast Regional Council and receiving some financial support, the group aims to operate independently both financially and politically.