• Coir log wall 2012
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    Coir log wall project success

    This year’s coir log wall project was another great success for CCCG. We added another 90 metres of the natural erosion control  wall to the banks of Currimundi lake in Noel burns park on 22 and 23 April. Read all about the project here

  • News and Events

    Fish survey – Currimundi catchment

    If you see people out on the Lake, creeks and even the ring tank this week (15 April – 19 April)  in boats netting fish, taking photos and notes, it will be CCCG members working with aquatic ecologist Kris Pitman and Sunshine Coast Council conducting a fish survey. We have all the proper permits in place and the fish will be returned live to the water once we have catalogued, measured and photographed them. We’re hoping to establish how healthy the catchment environment is for fish which will be a good indicator of the health of the whole system. We will also establish a baseline for future surveys so we…